The Power of Risky Play

”I would say that risk and risky play in particular is a vital part of our heritage. It is through our engagement with risk, or any unfamiliar or uncomfortable situation – in the context of play – that we learn how to use our bodies safely to interact with the physical and social challenges in the environment.”

Nga Nguyen, California State University

  • What is risky play?
  • Risky play categories
  • Why is risky play important in a developing child?
  • What are the dangers of play with no risk?
  • What role does technology play in risky play?
  • How can we support a child’s need for risky play?
  • Child or teacher/adult led?
  • The great outdoors
  • Ensuring a safe school environment that includes risky play
  • Risky play is worth the risk

Course time: 1.5 hours approx
Course cost: R225 per person. A discounted cost of R150 pp discount is often given, kindly inquire.
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