The Role of the Assistant/Support Teacher

This training is helpful for teachers who wish to utilize their assistants properly in the classroom, and for assistants who would like to assist well in the classroom, and not merely clear up after the lead teacher in a classroom. Let’s look at what is expected of you as a teacher, and as a support, or assistant, teacher. Your role is incredibly important, and will very likely impact a child on their learning journey throughout their life.

  • Introduction
  • What makes a good teacher (10 key skills)?
  • What is the role of a Support/Assistant teacher?
  • Support/Assistant teacher job summary
  • Support/Assistant teacher job description
  • The importance of repetition
    – What is repetition?
    – The science behind repetition
    – Why is repetition important?
    – How can you support repetition?
    – Providing the opportunity for repetition
    – Learning extensions
    – Multi sensory instructions
  • Self Reflection

Course time: 1 hour approx
Cost: R225 per person. A discounted cost of R150 pp discount is often given, kindly inquire.
Course dates: Please inquire below
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