Fees and FAQS

What is the monthly fee?
FULL DAY (7am to 5:30pm)
5 days – R3800; 4 days – R3300; 3 days – R2700; 2 days – R1950
Fee includes all stationery, our morning curriculum program, breakfast, 10am snack, 12 noon freshly cooked lunch, 3pm snack, 4pm light meal.
HALF DAY (7am to 12 noon/2:30pm)
5 days – R3500; 4 days – R3060; 3 days – R2520; 2 days – R1830
Fee includes all stationery, our morning curriculum program, breakfast, 10am snack, 12 noon freshly cooked lunch. Collection can be before or after afternoon sleep. 

What does the fee not include?
– Nappies, wipes and formula. Extra murals – Ballet (R250 per month – optional), Hip Hop (R100 per month – optional) and Music Box (R80 per month – compulsory).

Is there a weekly minimum attendance at the nursery school?
– Yes. 2 days per week, so your child settles with us. 1 day per week is too sporadic.

What do parents need to contribute?
– Nappies (bulk, unless reusables), 2 packets of wet wipes per month, 1 box of gloves annually and formula.

When is breakfast served?
– Breakfast is served between 7am and 8am, so you can drop your child off at any point during this time if you want breakfast. Last drop off
is 8:45am please as our nursery school curriculum program starts at 9am.

When is a vacancy secured?
– A contractual vacancy is secured upon the signing of an Under the Son childcare contract and the deposit having been received. A
vacancy is not secured if you are on the waiting list. The deposit is 1 month fee.

How are fees payable?
– Fees are invoiced and payable monthly in advance (Direct Debit preferred), by the 1st of the month.

Is there a late payment fee if we pay late?
– Yes. R50 per day late after the 1st of each month, dependent on circumstances.

Is there a late pick up fee?
– Yes, R50 for every 15 minutes late, dependent on circumstances.

Is my deposit refundable?
– The deposit is a once off cost and is not refundable. This deposit includes auto contractual renewal each January, plus annual stationery costs. 

How do holiday fees work?
– Full fees are due while a child is on holiday. Full fees are due on public holidays and any time the nursery school is closed.

Are fees payable for illness?
– If a child is unable to attend due to illness, full fee is payable. Care days are not swapped.

What fee do you charge for emergency care?
– We offer emergency/ad hoc care to contracted children on days they do not attend, if we have availability and the correct staff:child ratio
to do so. The ad hoc fee is R350 for registered children, and R400 per day for non-contracted children.

Do you offer a sibling discount?
– Yes. We offer a sibling discount, which is dependent on the number of days they attend.

How do settling in sessions work?
– Children settle in with mum/dad/guardian in their first session, and then on their own over increasing times/days… this is child led as some children need more settling in sessions than other children. Some children need no settling in time at all, we will chat to you about what is best for your family. We work alongside you and your child as he/she settles.

What is your notice period?
– 2 months’ notice in writing.