Online Training - Remote eLearning and eWorkshops

Our practical and informative vocational workshops are for principals, teachers, assistant teachers, parents, grandparents, helpers, cooks, and aupairs. If you live and/or work with young children, we can help! We have NPOs, preschools, primary and high school staff, soup kitchens, grandparents caring for grandchildren attend our workshops.

Our prices are affordable. Expensive training most often excludes the very people that need it most, and, Under the Son, being an all-inclusive and community driven business, aims to ensure that everyone who needs the training can do the training. Our fee includes the workshop/eLearning, a certificate and training material.

With the advent of Covid-19 our face-to-face training went (mostly) online. We hold eWorkshops nationally (and internationally). 

Samples of training available is below. Kindly contact us for our complete list of training.